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Mat World - a division of Pall Mall

With over thirty years of experience, a highly prized reputation, and real locations in every mainland state, Mat World is in a unique position not readily matched in the market.

Mat World was established as a specialist commercial and industrial mats and matting supplier over thirty years ago. From being an importer of just two products at that time, Mat World has grown to have a vast range of specialised commercial matting that covers every facet of floor mats especially rubber floor mats and matting.

Mat World has a mat specialist on board in every mainland state, who can advise you on the best mats to use for any particular environment as well as installers and distributors right around Australia.

Mat World sources its matting materials from all around the world with an accent, in all instances, on innovative and commercial grade quality products. At Mat World, there is an understanding that there needs to be commercial and industrial matting for long-term use, including heavy traffic conditions. Consequently Mat World mats can be trusted to cope with specified conditions.

Mat World has the widest range of entrance mats in Australia, designed to cover every type of entry traffic and environment. Most mats are capable of being made on Mat World’s premises and in any custom size required. These mats include amongst many others; aluminium architectural entrance mats, rubber floor mats covering food handling and processing areas, electrical insulating mats, rubber runners for behind bar counters, cut to size mats for ute trays, as well as single station mats and standing-desk fatigue mats.

The range of anti-fatigue and safety mats, apart from rubber mats, is very vast. They are designed for the prevention of long-term circulatory and physical problems. Problems that can result in painful fatigue in the feet, legs, knees, back, shoulders and neck. The sorts of problems derived from standing on hard floors such as concrete for long periods of time.

Mat World also has specialised equipment to make unique insert logo mats for those high quality branded and personalised effects.

Mat World is uniquely geared to provide service above and beyond the norm. Logo mats, for example, can be supplied within days of art work approval. Custom entrance mats can generally be made to size and installed in floor recesses within a matter of days from quote acceptance.

Additionally, Mat World provides many special purpose mats including; wet area matting, mats for clean rooms and dust- free environments, under-desk mats, fruit and vegetable mats for supermarkets, kneeling mats - and so much more.

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