Change in business is happening virtually everywhere, every day.

The way business was done ten years ago, or for that matter, even as few as five years ago is completely different to how it is conducted in today’s day and age.  If you do not move with the times and adapt to changing work practices, you will be well and truly left behind.
At Pall Mall and Mat World, we have absolutely no intention of that happening. We are committed to being pro-active and to keeping up with how business is changing in this day and age.
Some 30 years ago we opened a warehouse in Melbourne and a few years after that a warehouse in Brisbane. The reason for this was simple; it took far too long to send an order from Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane back then. Next day delivery was essential and the only way to give that sort of service, back then, was to stock locally.
As times have changed, freight companies have improved immensely and they now deliver overnight from Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane as a matter of course, and within 48 hours to most of regional areas of Victoria and Queensland.
With this in mind, over the past six months, we have had a good long look at how we ran our operation and how we could improve it using the latest technology and advances, to give our Victorian and Queensland customers the best possible service.
After a number of months of testing and trialling, we believe that we have found the solution and as of the 24th of February 2017, we have implemented massive changes at our Melbourne and Brisbane warehouses.
Quite simply, from now on all deliveries will be sent directly from our Sydney Head Office to all customers in Victoria and Queensland, and as a result of this, while our sales team in each state remain as is, we have shut our Melbourne & Brisbane warehouses.
You can still use your same Mat World contact details as now although you will be dealing with our highly trained staff at head office who will be able to give you significantly more assistance than ever before.
With our new high-tech software programs that we are busy installing and implementing, you will soon be able to order and then track your delivery online from the moment you place the order.
This warehouse closures are very definitely a service improvement initiative.  We have spent quite a while preparing for these and we are extremely confident that you will notice an immediate improvement in our total service to you.
 We look forward to you testing our new services.