Huge Savings on Unger HydroPower Trailer

Total flexibility for producing and transporting 100% pure water for water fed pole cleaning!

The multi-chamber tank design with low centre of gravity is designed to maximise stability during transportation. Also includes Auto Shut-off features, activated during water production mode when the tank becomes full and during use when the TDS of the outgoing water measures 5ppm (can be changed to lower or higher number).

Fully integrated pure water trailer System with reverse osmosis filter and 750L water tank.

Suitable for vehicles with towing capacity of 1,350kg. High capacity baffled tank integrated into lightweight chassis for easy towing. DOT road specification, single axle, integrated lights and indicators with brake assist. All set to go for Australian towing including registration.

Convenient Storage

Integrated storage compartment fits up to six waterfed poles up to 1.91m long, with side storage areas for brushes, safety signs and other accessories.

Flow Rate Flexibility

The flow rates for Wash and Rinse modes can be adjusted anytime at the digital control panel. This allows the operator(s) to choose more or less powerful flow rates to suit the cleaning job, saving and conserving water when less intense water flow is needed. You can also switch between Wash and Rinse modes at the touch of a button using the wireless remote control.

Trailers normally $35,000 + GST, prices slashed to $27,500 + GST each

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