Aqua Marine Floor Pads Gives Flooring a Lighter Kiss

The biggest selling and most used most versatile Ultra High Speed floor pad on the market is the Glomesh Jackeroo Pink.

Having been the market leader since the inception of Ultra High Speed floor pads over 30 years ago, the Jackeroo Pink is so versatile because it works particularly well with Gas Buffers but also with electric and battery operated high speed burnishing machines.

This is not the only Ultra High Speed available from Glomesh for a very simple and obvious reason, a range of pads with varying aggression is needed because of differences between floor surfaces, machines and types of polish used.

One of the bigger selling styles is the Jackeroo Lite. By its very name it is a pad that is just that bit less aggressive then the Jackeroo Pink and used when a little lighter “kiss” on the floor is required.

However, sometimes the Jackeroo Lite is just not quite aggressive enough where as the Jackeroo Pink might be more aggressive then required in a particular situation.

This is where the Glomesh Aqua Marine pad comes in. Recently released in Australia by Pall Mall, the Aqua Marine pad slots in between the Jackeroo Pink and the Jackeroo Lite. Not as aggressive as Jackeroo Pink but not as soft as Jackeroo Lite.

Want to try one for free, all you need to do is contact Pall Mall on either 02 9584 8644 or email us at Pall Mall  Pall Mall Aqua Marine and ask for your free Aqua Marine pad to try. All we need is the size of the pad you need and an address to send it to!