Diamond Pads made with traditional diamond abrasives.

  • Glomesh Diamond abrasives impregnate the pad. NOT just surface coated.
  • Available in a wide choice of five grits.
  • Glomesh Diamond has wear indicators to tell you when to change pads.
  • Environmentally friendly. Glomesh Diamond uses no harsh chemicals.
  • So cost effective. Use Glomesh Diamond to save up to $10 per sqm per year.

Diamond abrasives impregnate the pad. Unlike any other diamond pad, Glomesh Diamond is not just surface coated; rather the diamond penetrates the pad. That means longer effective life.

Available in a choice of five grits. This means the right combination for the right job. Unlike other diamond pads Glomesh Diamond has a 6,000 grit pad for an even more supergloss. And a 400 grit for more severely worn floors.

Has wear indicators. Three dots on the working side. Wear the working surface down until the wear indicators fully disappear.

Environmentally friendly: Glomesh Diamond does its job fantastically with just a little water NO polish, no strippers, no harsh chemicals at all.

So cost effective: save over 40% of cost versus polished floors. Save as much as $10,000 per 1000 sq m per annum versus stone floors that have a superficial polish applied. Plus a constant gloss level. No gloss roller-coaster.

The Glomesh Diamond Floor Pads are available in five different grits – more information here.