Facility managers in the Healthcare industry know how important it is to avoid cross-contamination when it comes to cleaning chemicals. Cross-contamination can cause damage to property, as well as risking injury to both cleaners and patients of the facility, so any help to avoid such instances is worth considering when choosing the best floor mop.

The erGO! Clean microfibre commercial mop, a German design available in Australia exclusively through commercial cleaning supplies leader Pall Mall, features a smart colour-coded system that makes it the best floor mop for preventing cross-contamination in hospitals.

This smart colour-coded system is applied to both the erGO! Clean’s cleaning fluid bottles and the floor pads, both of which are easily interchangeable and can be carried on the cleaner while they clean. By clearly and simply identifying to the user which cleaning pad and fluid bottle are to be used together, the erGO! Clean actively reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Not all microfibre mops are created equal

While your cleaning staff are likely already using microfibre mops, it’s important to note that not all microfibre mops are created equal. The erGO! Clean, from leading German commercial cleaning supplies manufacturer Unger, offers a unique combination of user-friendly features that make it a must-see when looking to upgrade your cleaning hardware. These points of difference include:

  • An 'S' shaped handle that promotes an ergonomically friendly movement that reduces injury risk, which thereby reduces the chance of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) incidents and claims.
  • Light, easy to change cleaning fluid bottles that reduce WHS risk by eliminating heavy lifting. These bottles can be carried on the user via a belt, which enables jobs to be performed quicker and cheaper by eliminating trips to and from a refill station.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination due to colour-coded cleaning fluid bottles and floor pads.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn without the need for extensive training, which means cost and time savings.
  • Due to its lightweight nature, the erGO! Clean is easy and convenient to store.

Globally recognized as the best floor mop

While it’s priced higher than other microfibre commercial mops and commercial cleaning supplies on the local market, most of which have been available locally for longer, it’s worth noting that the erGO! Clean is a proven, innovative cleaning solution that is the product of choice for leading hospitals around the world, including St. Stephens Hospital, Hervey Bay and the operating theatres at Toowoomba Base Hospital.

The most telling, big picture evidence of this for Healthcare facility managers is the erGO! Clean’s proven contribution to increasing the rate of turning over beds. The faster that beds and wards can be turned over, the more efficiently a hospital can operate, which reduces costs and contributes to better patient outcomes.

So while it may be a newcomer to the local market, cleaning staff in Healthcare facilities around the world have long embraced the merits of the erGO! Clean as the best floor mop, with many Healthcare facility managers choosing to invest in erGO! as their microfibre mop of choice.

The erGO! Clean by Unger is exclusively distributed in Australia by Pall Mall. Learn more about the erGO! Cleaning System and find out how the best floor mop on the market could support your cleaning operation and your cleaning staff. Contact Pall Mall now to organise a demonstration of the erGO! Clean at your premises.