Pall Mall has secured leading Australian facilities services company Spotless as an early adopter of the erGO! Clean floor cleaning mop through its distributor network. Spotless, one of the largest integrated facilities services companies in Australia and New Zealand is Pall Mall’s largest erGO! Clean client to date.

Eight erGO! Clean floor cleaning mops are being used by its professional cleaning staff at Chadstone Shopping Centre, and another five in use at Broadmeadow Shopping Centre (both in Melbourne). Spotless cleaning staff at these retail centres were previously using a major competitor's mop before switching to the erGO! Clean.

Spotless procurement staff were aware of Pall Mall’s launch of the erGO! Clean mop in the local market at commercial cleaning supplies industry event, the SSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo, in August 2018. At this event, Pall Mall and the erGO! Clean mop beat out a record number of entries to win the Janitorial Award for best floor mop at the 2018 INCLEAN Innovation Awards.

"Spotless is one of those companies that sees something new and innovative and goes for it,"; explains Pall Mall's Victorian Sales Manager, Patrick Rocca. “Spotless contacted Winc [distributor] and we went out there and demoed the erGO! Clean mop."

Commercial cleaning supplies industry validation

Pall Mall securing the erGO! Clean relationship with Spotless provides local validation for the erGO! Clean as the best floor mop in the Australian commercial cleaning supplies market. While the erGO! Clean from German janitorial supplies innovator UNGER is a proven product with a cult following overseas, it has only been available in the Australian markets since October 2018.

As such, Pall Mall is still establishing a presence and awareness for the product locally. Part of that involves building an erGO! Clean distribution network among janitorial supplies companies and engaging distributors on the design features that sets the erGO! Clean apart from other commercial cleaning mops and industrial cleaning systems in the market.

There are currently more than 100 janitorial supplies businesses that are erGO! Clean distributors in Victoria alone, with the unique design features and ergonomic functionality proving the key selling points for the erGO! Clean mop.

“It’s quicker to use if you have to go around lots of obstacles,” Rocca explains. “It’s a pushing-pulling action rather than a twisting of the wrists, which is harder to do. The shape of the handle is quite different. Other mops have a straight handle; the erGO! Clean has an S-shape handle. It's a unique product on the market.”

Pall Mall confident about the abilities of the erGO! Clean floor cleaning mop

While the erGO! Clean is new to the local market, Pall Mall believes they will quickly build a loyal following for the product in 2019 and beyond.

“What sells customers the most is not only the speed, but also the safety aspect and the adjustable handle and where its triggers are to release the fluid,” Rocca explains. “Nothing in the marketplace has an adjustable handle like this and the position of the trigger makes the erGO! Clean so easy to use. Cleaning professionals can see the full benefits straight away when I’m demonstrating it.”

While Pall Mall exclusively sells the erGO! Clean mop through its distribution network, Pall Mall representatives are actively engaging end users, such as Spotless, via demonstrations of the product. This helps to better understand the end user, what they’re looking for in a commercial cleaning system and how the erGO! Clean solves the end users’ problems.

Having a vocal supporter of the erGO! Clean in Spotless bodes well for the future of the product in the local market. Pall Mall is targeting the erGO! Clean mop at similar companies in the facilities management space in the retail, healthcare and corporate sectors.

In 2019 Pall Mall will be even more closely engaging its erGO! Clean distributor network in an active effort to further build product buy-in and push the erGO! Clean system to end users in facilities management.

How the erGO! Cleaning System can help you

Learn more about the erGO! Cleaning System and find out how you could become a distributor of erGO! Clean and ensure your clients have the opportunity to find out how they can improve their efficiency and safety.

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