You’ve probably heard of the X-Factor. You may be a fan. You may even have the X Factor yourself. But do you have the S Factor? Well, now you can, thanks to commercial cleaning supplies leader Pall Mall and its recent introduction of the erGO! Clean into the Australian market.

A innovation in janitorial supplies from German industrial cleaning products leader UNGER, the erGO! Clean is an ergonomic cleaning system that’s so good you'll be singing its praises soon after putting it in use. It gives users the S Factor due to its suite of design features that are focused on delivering the four essential S’s: Speed, Strain-free, Smart, and Safety.

By combining these virtues into the one product, the erGO! Clean stands out as a unique offering in the commercial cleaning supplies market. Let’s take a look at each of the four S’s and examine how the erGO! Clean floor cleaning mop incorporates them.

The need for speed

We all know that in business time is money. You need your commercial cleaning employees to operate as efficiently as possible using the best floor mop. Through a suite of design features the erGO! Clean enables professional cleaners to move quickly through their work without compromising on the quality of their work, nor putting themselves at risk.

From the preparation phase through to the actual performing of the cleaning work, the erGO! Clean is built for speed. An easily removable and quickly interchangeable reservoir tank holds the cleaning agent, which allows the user to easily switch from one chemical to another as needed. The unique and intuitive S-shaped motion of the erGO! Clean enables the cleaner to perform a thorough clean while exerting less physical force, thereby enabling them to move through their work quicker.

Strain no more

Thanks to its S-shape telescopic handle (adjustable in height from 1.3m to 1.7m), using the erGO! Clean is as close to a strain-free exercise as a commercial cleaner will get. The intuitive handle design features rotatable grips that help ensure users are achieving the correct S-motion mopping technique. This is critical because it is this ergonomically friendly S-motion mopping technique that enables the erGO! Clean to reduce strain on the user.

The S-shaped telescopic handle ensures the cleaning professional maintains an upright posture and reduces the strain on hands, wrists, forearms and the core. This all adds up to the user exerting less physical effort to get the job done, meaning the commercial cleaning company they work for reduces its exposure to possible worker’s compensation claims and injury-related disruptions. Importantly, the health benefits of the erGO! Clean have been substantiated by a number of international health organisations.

Get smart

A full 1 litre or 500ml of cleaning fluid can be stored on the handle of the erGO! Clean with a lightweight removable tank attachment that enables users to top up as needed without having to waste time returning to a refill station or store room. This is a particularly smart addition for cleaners operating in high traffic locations such as airports, shopping centres and hospitals.

The erGO! also features a smart colour-code system that helps prevent instances of cross-contamination. Such cross-contamination events can potentially cause damage to property or users of the facility, so any given help to avoid them is smart. The floor pads of the erGO! Clean can also be colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Safety first

Thanks to its inbuilt blockage-free pulse jet system and integrated dosing lever, the erGO! Clean is designed to deliver precise dosing of cleaning solution. This system enables the user to safely and simply apply the required amount of liquid to perform the clean – and no more. This safety first initiative helps to mitigate the risk of slips and falls through smartly managing how much cleaning solution is dispensed.

The simple replacing of tanks on the erGO! Clean reduces down time between jobs while increasing response time. The erGO! Clean user has everything they need on them to get the job done quickly and safely.

Do you have the S Factor?

The erGO! Clean by Unger is exclusively distributed in Australia by Pall Mall. Learn more about the erGO! Cleaning System and find out how it could support your cleaning operation and your cleaning staff. You’ll be singing its praises in no time! Contact Pall Mall now to organise a demonstration of the erGO! Clean at your premises.