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Essentials in Cleaning
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  •  Gala Smooth Aluminium Mop Hand le -  Colour coded to avoid cr oss contamination- 1.5m x 25mm
  •  Gala Threaded Mop Handles co lour coded to avoid cross cont amination. 1.5m x 25mm
  •  Air Sponge 227g
  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor PINK Gala
  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor YELLOW Gala
  • Gala A-Frame Sign - Cleaning i n Progress message - multiple colours.
  •  A Frame Sign Duo Yellow Gala
  •  Gala Safety Cone Blank - multi ple colours.
  •  Gala Mini Safety Cone - Wet Fl oor message - 60cm - various c olours
  •  Safety Cone 90cm Wet Floor YEL
  •  Gala A-Frame Sign - Blank for custom message - multiple colo urs.
  •  Stainless Steel A-Frame Sign available blank for custom mes sage or with wet floor message
  •  Cone Base Weight
  •  Barrier Chain per lm
  •  Barrier Chain - 35m Roll (Sale price by the metre)
  •  Bottles Conical  500ml
  •  Window Clean Bucket  4 Casters
  •  ScentAire Micro Dispenser
  •  ScentAire DispenserSatinChrome
  •  ScentAire DispenserWhiteChrome
  •  Scent Aire Micro 3000 Spray Re fills -available in various Fr agrances
  •  Scent Aire Maxi 6000 Spray Ref ills - available in various fr agrances.
  • Metered Insecticide 150g (Fly)
  •  ScentAire Sanitizer Dispenser
  •  Scent Aire Signature 30 day Sp ray Refill - Available in vari ous scents.
  •  Scentaire Breeze Starter Kit Melon Mist
  •  Scent Aire Signature Fragrance Toilet Bowl Clip - Various fragrances - minimum order 12.
  •  Heavy Duty Syphon Drum Pump
  •  Scent Aire Signature Fragrance Tower- in various fragrances - minimum order 12 units.
  •  D'Vour Absorbent Powder Lemon
  •  Econo Pump 425mm Tube
  •  Foam Gun
  •  Gala Lobby Dust Pan - availabl e in five colours
  •  Gala Lobby Dust Pan Broom - Av ailable in five colours
  •  Lobby Dust Pan with Pan Lid
  •  Gala Lobby Dust Pan Set - avai lable in 5 colours
  •  Gala Microfibre Cloths - avail able in 4 colours - minimum order 12 units.
  •  Gala Mop - available in five c olours - Minimum order quantit y 12 units.
  •  Toilet Bowl Mop Acid Resistant
  •  Gala Microfibre Spray Mop 40cm
  •  Gala Pro-Lite Microfibre Mop 350g in various colours
  •  26L Wndw Bucket Squeegee HLDR Yellow
  •  Safety Pole Complete
  • Sanitary Napkin Receptacle
  •  Gala Clean Up Cart Complete
  •  Janitor Cart