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Essentials in Cleaning


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  •  Gala Smooth Aluminium Mop Hand le -  Colour coded to avoid cr oss contamination- 1.5m x 25mm
  •  Gala Threaded Mop Handles co lour coded to avoid cross cont amination. 1.5m x 25mm
  •  Gala Mop - available in five c olours - Minimum order quantit y 12 units.
  •  Toilet Bowl Mop Acid Resistant
  •  Gala Microfibre Spray Mop 40cm
  •  Gala Pro-Lite Microfibre Mop 350g in various colours
  • erGO Mop S Handle no Tank c/w Pad-Holder (new)
  •  Unger erGO Cleaning Kit Velcromop Pro