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Essentials in Cleaning


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  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor PINK Gala
  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor YELLOW Gala
  • Gala A-Frame Sign - Cleaning i n Progress message - multiple colours.
  •  A Frame Sign Duo Yellow Gala
  •  Gala Safety Cone Blank - multi ple colours.
  •  Gala Mini Safety Cone - Wet Fl oor message - 60cm - various c olours
  •  Safety Cone 90cm Wet Floor YEL
  •  Gala A-Frame Sign - Blank for custom message - multiple colo urs.
  •  Stainless Steel A-Frame Sign available blank for custom mes sage or with wet floor message
  •  Cone Base Weight
  •  Barrier Chain per lm
  •  Barrier Chain - 35m Roll (Sale price by the metre)
  •  Safety Pole Complete
  •  Expanding Mobile Barrier
  •  Refill Bags for Umbrella Bagge r - two sizes - carton of 1000