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Essentials in Cleaning

A full range of janitorial safety equipment including the popular spring loaded safety pole to block toilet access as well as private labelled safety signs and safety cones in highly visible colours

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  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor PINK Gala
  •  A Frame Sign Wet Floor YELLOW Gala
  • Gala A-Frame Sign - Cleaning i n Progress message - multiple colours.
  •  A Frame Sign Duo Yellow Gala
  •  Gala Safety Cone Blank - multi ple colours.
  •  Gala Mini Safety Cone - Wet Fl oor message - 60cm - various c olours
  •  Safety Cone 90cm Wet Floor YEL
  •  Gala A-Frame Sign - Blank for custom message - multiple colo urs.
  •  Stainless Steel A-Frame Sign available blank for custom mes sage or with wet floor message
  •  Cone Base Weight
  •  Barrier Chain per lm
  •  Barrier Chain - 35m Roll (Sale price by the metre)
  •  Safety Pole Complete
  •  Refill Bags for Umbrella Bagge r - two sizes - carton of 1000