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Essentials in Cleaning

Unger is the biggest selling range of window cleaning equipment world wide with the largest and most innovative range of window cleaning equipment available right here in Australia

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  •  nLite Hose Clips #17149
  •  nLite 26mm Clamp complete YEL #17152
  •  nLite 35mm Clamp complete YEL #17169
  •  Unger HiFlo™ nLite Clamp Com ete (Grey) - available in 3 si zes.
  •  Unger Ninja Channel & Rubber -  available in seven standard s izes
  •  Unger Black Series Window Cleaning Kit (35cm)
  •  Bucket on a Belt (Bucket Only)
  •  Cranked Joint Angle Adaptor
  •  nLite Carbon Extension Pole 2 sections
  •  nLite Carbon Master Pole, 4 sections
  •  Dl Filter 4.7L, 1000L Capacity (4.7L resin & 1000L water)
  •  DI Filter 9L,  2.250L Capacity (9L resin & 2.25L water)
  •  Fibreglass Resin Beads (25L)
  •  nlite HP DI Resin Beads (6L) Quick Change
  •  nlite HP DI Resin Beads (6L) Quick Change (set x 4 )
  •  nLite HP DI CART for all sizes
  •  Portable TDS Meter
  •  Ultra Resin Pack - Filter S HydroPower Ultra (3/Pack) (Flyer UNGDI120)
  •  Ultra Resin Pack - Filter L HydroPower Ultra (3/Pack) (Flyer UNGDI240C)
  •  HydroPower Ultra Filter S with Ultra Resin Pack (6L)
  •  HydroPower Ultra Filter L with Ultra Resin Packs 3x6L (18L)
  •  HydroPower Ultra - Entry Kit Alu 6m
  •  Unger OptiLoc Pole
  •  Unger ErgoTec T-Bar - availabl e in 3 sizes.
  •  Ninja Squeegee Handle 40°
  • ErgoTec Ninja Combo
  •  Ergotec Handle
  •  ErgoTec Set
  •  ErgoTec XL Handle     EXT00
  •  Unger Gel 500ml
  •  Fixi-Clamp
  •  Unger Window Cleaning Liquid 1 Litre
  •  nLite Multilink Thread Adapter
  •  Unger Brass Golden Clip Channe l - available in four sizes.
  • nLite One Telescopic Pole 1.5m
  • nLite One Telescopic Pole 2.5m
  • nLite One Telescopic Pole 4.5m
  •  nLite Hose 20m Standard Hose Connector   included
  •  Golden Clip Brass Handle
  •  HiFlo Soap Dispenser
  •  nLite Hybrid Ext' Pole 2 sects
  •  nLite Hybrid Master Pole, 4 sections
  •  nLite Starter Kit Hybrid
  •  Ergotec Swivel Loc Handle 30 Degree  Angle
  •  Unger Long Handle Scraper
  • ErgoTec Swivel Loc Handle Straight Head
  •  Unger Strip Washer - Monsoon S leeve - available in two sizes .
  •  Ergotec Locking Cone