Gala Lobby Dust Pan Set – available in 5 colours.


Lobby Dust Pan SET


Three part kit consisting of Gala Lobby Dust Pan, Broom and Clip. Colour coded.

Colour coded in red, blue, green, yellow and black. Custom moulded to give the largest pan capacity. Less unload trips saves time. Enhanced angled lip ensures cleaner pick-up. Reinforced yoke at the bottom of handle strengthens a common breakage point.

Innovative, strengthened and enlarged feet at back of pan underside counters wear from dragging pan on floor. Ergonomic L-Handle reduces the strain of carrying. Independent, replaceable broom clips easily replaced if damaged. Moulded-in broom cleaning comb. Broom has angled bristles making it easier to sweep into the pan. Flexible fibres make sweeping effective on carpet and hard floors.