Microfibre Bonnet Pad 43cm Blue w/ Stripes


Microfibre Bonnet Pad 43cm Blue w/ Stripes


Glomesh Dual Action Microfibre Bonnet

Outstanding cleaning action from this microfibre bonnet pad – ideal for scrubbing lightly soiled or spot carpet cleaning. The microfibre and polypropylene striping provide an effective scrubbing action on carpet or has a superb cleaning action on hard floor grouting giving you a dual-purpose and dual-action bonnet pad

  • For hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • Suitable for light soiled carpet cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning grout on hard floors
  • Dual materials tufted through the bonnet give superior results
  • Do not use on a machine with a skirt
  • Do not use bleach when cleaning pad
  • Size: 43cm for 40cm machine
  • Weight: 260g ±10g
  • Component: 67% microfibre + 33% Polypropylene